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Greyfriars Bobby

Title: Greyfriars Bobby

Writer: Eleanor Atkinson

Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama (2010)

Pages: 277 p

Swapped with Mia

What a simple book. That’s my first thought when I started to read this book. It’s a story about a dog called Bobby, who spent his life in Edinburgh, Scotland, more than a century ago. Bobby was a cute and smart skye terrier, who chose his own master, a poor shepherd named Auld Jock. Even though Bobby’s real owner was a little girl, the farmer’s own daughter, who lived where Auld Jock worked, Bobby fell in love with Auld Jock since he was very little.

Bobby was a faithful dog, he was always there for Auld Jock, through thick and thin, until his master’s very last day. He still tried to be there for Auld Jock even though his master had already left this world. Every night, Bobby stayed on Auld Jock’s grave…

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