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Lord of The Flies

Title: Lord of The Flies

Writer: William Golding

Publisher: Perigee Book by Penguin (2006)

Pages: 208 p

Bought at: Barnes & Noble LA (USD 6,95)

In the brink of a world war, a plane full of British schoolboys crashed into a deserted island, leaving them without any adults at sight.  At first, this seemed like a paradise for them – no teachers or parents to tell them what to do, playing all day long with ocean gleaming in the background.

But after a while, things became really sour. There were rumors circling about a mysterious beast in the island, there was a boy who really wanted to be a leader and formed his own tribal group, using cruel ways to reach his goals. And to make it more difficult, no rescue seemed to come their way. Slowly the boys started to behave like wild people. And things were getting really…

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