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Jane Eyre

Title: Jane Eyre

Writer: Charlotte Bronte

Publisher:Vintage, Random House (2007)

Pages: 545 p

Bought at:Kinokuniya Plaza Senayan (IDR 100,000); birthday gift from Rayo!

Reading a classic needs a lot of patience. As interesting the story is, we still have to endure the flourishing language and the difficult dialogues. Even the plot is often lengthy. I don’t read classics that much, and that’s why I included Brontes in my Twenty Ten Challenge.

Jane Eyre is not a typical English girl. She has experienced many challenging moments in her life. As an orphan, she lived with her aunt, who didn’t want to have her as a burden in the family. Not to mention her mean, cruel cousins. After ten years living in difficulties, Jane was sent to Lowood, a charity school in a English village. Here, her difficult life didn’t come to an end. Strict rules, corrupt system, and poor environment made…

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