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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Title: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Writer: Betty Smith

Publisher: Arrow Books (2000, first published 1943)

Pages: 487 p

Bought at: Kinokuniya Ngee Ann City Singapore (SGD 24.08)

I have read many-many bad books, and a bit of good books, but great books were really rare. I’ve always been very happy if I came across a great book, a book that could become a classic and will be remembered in a long-long time.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn fell into this category. It has all requirements to become a classic. Lovable characters, great settings, nice-flow storytelling, and memorable ending.

The story moves around The Nolans, a poor family lives in Brooklyn in early 20th century. The Nolans are: Johnny, the handsome drunken father;  Katie, the hardworking and very logic mother; Francie, the main heroine, observer of human lifes; and Neeley, the lovable little boy of the family.

We were taken…

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