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The Neverending Story

Title: The Neverending Story

Writer: Michael Ende

Publisher: Penguin Books (1984)

Pages: 377 p

Bought at: Reygreena (Rp 33000, bargain price!)

This is a story about Fantastica, a magical place filled with so many amazing creatures, like sprites, gnomes, nighthobs, luckdragons, and a lot more. But one day, Fantastica was dying. Darkness (or Nothing, they called it) was eating up the beautiful realm, because their leader, Childlike Empress, was so ill, taking Fantastica dying with her.

The only one who could save them was a human being. And Bastian Balthazar Bux, was a perfect boy who could help Childlike Empress, giving her a new name, so Fantastica would have a new life again. But was Bastian brave enough to jump into Fantastica, to the unknown world, and having a grandest adventure of his lifetime?

Bastian, accompanied by Atreyu, the green kid from Grassy Ocean, was learning lots of lessons during…

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