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Wuthering Heights

ma petite bibliothèque

I had long since wanted to read this book, but only recently got the right time (and mood) to pick it up from my bookshelf and read it. I knew that some said they liked it much, some disliked it, or some just found it plainly boring; I started it without any particular expectation nor presumption, though I also thought that I would possibly tend to like it simply as I love reading beautiful prose or a well-written book. And with that attitude I read, and I ended up liking this book much! I found the book so intense that I couldn’t just put it down before it reached the ending; the emotions involved in the characters are so strong, whether it is anger, hatred, sadness, longing for, hurt, or disappointment. Happy tone is only slightly induced, and that what makes this book seems so dark. The constantly windy weather…

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