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Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

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The book Siddhartha by a German-Swiss writer, Hermann Hesse, is not a biography of the Buddha; it is a novel that tells about an Indian youth’s long spiritual quest for the answer of the enigma of man’s role in this earth. The story sets around the time of the Buddha. The youth, named Siddhartha, is a brahmin’s son who decides to leave his comfortable home to become a samana, the one who leaves behind his earthy belongings and lives a contemplative life in search for the meaning. Together with his best friend, Govinda, they start the journey. They both finally arrive at the Buddha’s place and become his ‘students’ for some time, but Siddhartha then decides to leave and takes on his own journey, whilst Govinda stays.

Here begins his silent lone walks, continued with his restless life: he meets a beautiful courtesan and becomes a rich business…

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