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Gone With The Wind Read Along 2012

Bacaan B.Zee

Since I joined Classics Club Project, I always try to improve my classics reading. I found that Gone With The Wind is one of the must-read books. The most reason is really simple: it is popular. I don’t read all popular books, but this one is definitely worth to try. When my Indonesian book blogger who is really passionate with classics, Fanda, had seen my reading list, she asked me to co-host a read along for this book.

The read along will start at September 1st 2012 until November 7th 2012. There will be four update post for certain parts, and the final book review will be published on Margaret Mitchell’s birthday on November 8th 2012. For further details about this read along, just visit Fanda’s post about the read along.

Have I mentioned about the giveaway? Yes, there will be a giveaway (or giveaways) for you…

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