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Dealing with Bronte Sister books were never easy. It took almost half a year for me to have courage to read another Bronte’s sisters book after Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Wuthering Heights is considered as gothic romance novel. This book has romance story but in dark manner and made the reader (especially myself) feel depressed and somehow in like/dislike relationship with this book. I wonder whether the life of Emily Bronte is so dark and unhappy because her writing made me think it was.


The story began when Mr. Earnshaw brought an orphan boy home, Heathcliff. Hindley and Cathy, the Earnshaw children, felt very disappointed because their father brought home an uncertain boy from Liverpool despite the gifts their father already promised. No one in Wuthering Heights (name of Mr. Earnshaw house) felt compassionate or tries to make friend with Heathcliff except Mr. Earnshaw himself. Heathcliff was a quiet, bad-tempered…

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