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I have watch several movies based on novels by Jane Austen such as Emma starring by Gwyneth Paltrow, Pride and Prejudice starring by Kiera Knightly and Sense and Sensibility starring by Emma Watson. I fell in love immediately to Jane Austen stories, overall because she always place woman as main character in her story, the heroine usually acts different from other woman in her time and the ending is satisfying and didn’t sound like a chic lit. I feel excited to read this book and hope for the same experience as the other Austen story but alas Mansfield Park totally disappointed me.


Mansfield Park is a house name owned by Sir Thomas Bertram (I really like how nobleman/rich man has a name for their own big fancy house); Sir Thomas had a wife named Maria Ward Huntingdon who had two siblings, Mrs. Norris and Mrs. Price. Everyone said that Price…

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