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Title: Fahrenheit 451

Writer: Ray Bradbury

Publisher: Del Rey Books (2003)

Pages: 190p

Bought at: Barnes & Noble, Los Angeles (USD 6,99)

Although relatively short, this is such a difficult read for me. I don’t know if it’s because of the “future world” described by Bradbury with true absurdity, or just because of its dark and gloomy feel.

Guy Montag worked as a fireman. But instead of putting the fire off, firemen in his time was told to start fire, to burn the books that still existed although it’s been banned for quite some time. Guy tried to be a good fireman, to not be tempted to sneak some books or question anything about his job.

But then one day, after meeting a neighbor girl, Guy was beginning to think. The girl told Guy that there was a time when people were not afraid, when they talked to each other…

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