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Title : Holiday Romance [Part IV. – Romance from the Pen of Miss Nettie Ashford (Aged half- past six.)]
Author : Charles Dickens (1867)
Publisher : Project Gutenberg (ebook)
Edition : February, 1997 [Etext #809]

THERE is a country, which I will show you when I get into maps, where the children have everything their own way. It is a most delightful country to live in. The grown-up people are obliged to obey the children, and are never allowed to sit up to supper, except on their birthdays. The children order them to make jam and jelly and marmalade, and tarts and pies and puddings, and all manner of pastry. If they say they won’t, they are put in the corner till they do. They are sometimes allowed to have some; but when they have some, they generally have powders given…

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