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black beautyTitle: Black Beauty

Writer: Anna Sewell

Publisher: Wordsworth Classics (1993)

Pages: 201p

Borrowed from: Fanda

Appropriate for: 7 y.o and up

I didn’t have too much expectation for this book. I thought it’s gonna be pretty slow, especially because it’s a classic, and it has animal as the main character. But boy, oh, boy! I could never be more wrong! This book was written beautifully, the story flows nicely until the end, and Black Beauty, the main character, is very very lovable. My apologies for all classic lovers out there!

The story revolves around a beautiful black horse named Black Beauty. It’s told from his point of view, and you can tell that Anna Sewell was really fond of animals, especially horse, since she could make the voice of Black Beauty sound really believable.

Black Beauty was raised in a nice farm in England. He was bought by a good…

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