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Emma by Jane Austen

My Fingerprint Tale

Author : Jane Austen

Title : Emma

First published 1815

Ebook format




The first time I finished Jane Austen’s book is on February because of my Serapium Reading Challenge 2013 –held by Kaskus Serapium. That time, what I choose for the romance theme book is Pride and Prejudice, because I saw that book is the most popular among other Jane Austen’s. I still remember how I thought bad things about Jane Austen, because I used to read how people said that Jane Austen is so boring. And, I’m not romance book lover. So I’m kind of pessimist when I first started the read. But after read the book…I loved it! In fact, I really loved it! That, because of that, I’m curious to start another Jane Austen. Therefore, I read Emma a few days ago. 

What made me excited to read Emma is the…actually the plot. Emma told…

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