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The Great Gatsby

great gatsby almaTitle: The Great Gatsby

Author: F.Scott Fitzgerald

Publisher: Alma Classic LTD (2011)

Pages: 210p

Gift from: Fanda

Nowadays, The Great Gatsby becomes a trending topic in Twitter and headlines in internet or movie magazines, because the movie adaptation is coming out in mid May. Suddenly reading this classic is a hit, and the twenties never seems so glamorous and interesting. And when some of BBI-ers decided to have a read along, I immediately join the club. And wow, that becomes an unforgettable journey!

The story:

Nick Carraway was a young bachelor from Midwest who tried to push his way into financial kingdom in New York City. He came during the summer in 1922 and decided to rent a small house in West Egg, Long Island, next to a huge mansion belonged to Jay Gatsby, a young billionaire who had a mysterious background.

Nick met some of his old friends…

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