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The Hobbit


Lord of the Ring trilogy directed by Peter Jackson is the best movie adaptation that I ever watched. How he described Middle Earth world satisfied my imagination and made me believe that such world really did exist. Unfortunately reading the prequel, The Hobbit didn’t amuse me like trilogy LOTR movie did. It’s maybe because there was no Aragorn, Arwen, Legolas or Frodo, or maybe the adventure that Bilbo had less noble purpose than Frodo had. There was no good versus evil war although the adventure is still interesting.

It’s beginning at Shire when Bilbo Baggins happily live the simple and peace life. No conflict, no adventure, and surely no surprises at all. But Gandalf suddenly come and change it all. He came with twelve dwarfs who want to take their treasure back from Smaug, the bad dragon who destroy their city and become the ruler there. They need a thief…

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