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To Kill A Mockingbird Read-Along Wrap Up Post

My Fingerprint Tale

Title : To Kill A Mockingbird

Author : Harper Lee

Kindle Format

Published in 1960

To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird read-a-longHello everyone, whew this is my first post since two weeks ago and I feel terribly sorry about it. I’ve been so busy in the past two weeks, I was preparing something for graduation and then I got super sick in the end. I bet the viruses are still on me now, but they are weaken, haha! Thank god, the graduation is over and I’m no longer only laying on bed now so I can update my blog a little bit.

Remember I did signed up for one interesting read along by RoofBeamReader. Yup, it’s “To Kill A Mockingbird Read Along”. And you know, I have to admit that I can’t fulfill my former purpose to post it along with others opinion per chapters. I do feel bad about it, but anyway it doesn’t…

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