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On The Road by Jack Kerouac

on the roadTitle: On The Road

Writer: Jack Kerouac

Publisher: Penguin Books (1976)

Pages: 307p

Bought at: Bras Basah Singapore (from Dewi)

Summer, 1947: The Hitchhiking Frenzy

Sal Paradise was a struggling writer from New York, who lived with his aunt in New Jersey. The summer of 1947 changed his life forever, when he decided to travel across the country to the west coast by hitchhiking. Along the road he met so many wonderful, bizarre people with their own reasons to do the journey. In Denver, Colorado, Sal stopped for a while and reunited with his longtime friends, one of them was Dean Moriarty, a central part of Sal’s stories. Dean was a complicated soul who couldn’t choose between Marylou his first love and then current wife, and Camille, a beautiful good girl who’d love to be Dean’s next wife. During this part of the journey, Sal also met with a…

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