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The Narrative of John Smith by Arthur Conan Doyle

narrative-john-smith-coverTitle: The Narrative of John Smith

Writer: Arthur Conan Doyle

Publisher/Edition: The British Library/Hardcover (2011)

Pages: 138p

Bought at: The Book Depository 25hrs sale (USD 5,34)

The words “His unpublished first novel” caught me fast, and I impulsively (like I always did everytime there’s this 25 hrs sale in Book Depository) bought it. This book is perfect to put into your collection, if you are a hardcore fan of Sir Conan Doyle. It has so many historical points, from the fact that this book was written before any of Conan Doyle’s other novels, and also the fact this book had never been published before- due to some lost and incomplete manuscripts. Oh, and not to mention that lots of the narratives here would be used by Conan Doyle in his more famous novels later, including several Sherlock Holmes ones.

The story itself is pretty simple.

A 50-year-old man named John…

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