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Pride and Prejudice

The Bookly Purple

MacMillan Education Ltd. edition, published in Indonesia by Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Everything starts with a belief that a woman needs a (rich) man to keep a roof over her head and a penny in her pocket. When you have five daughters, Lizzie, tell me what else will occupy your thoughts. Then perhaps you’ll understand, I recall Mrs. Bennet seeming to say. I don’t think Jane Austen merely created a Cinderella story to sell, with a poor woman and a rich prince charming. I somehow get this particular impression that Pride and Prejudice, no matter how the love story runs, is also about being a woman of middle class with lack of fortune, four sisters, and an uncertain future who is forced by the prevailing system of her society at that time into marrying a man to guarantee her life. As one of the most memorable classic romances, Pride and…

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