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The question of terrorism will remain relentlessly having a foothold in the mind of anyone concerned about international relations and politics. Be it a separatist, socialist, or fundamentalist group, terrorists are thought of as the most dangerous evils ever threatening the world. Terrorism had long gone by the names of many things, but mostly, in the recent years, it has emerged under the name of Islam. The root of the so-called terrorism is never specifically known, but in the novel Snow, one of the most phenomenal works by Orhan Pamuk, terrorism in some ways presents itself as none-too-secret action of people who are desperately oppressed for their belief and religious practices. Set in a small, poor, isolated town of Kars, located far away in Anatolia, Snow presents the very issue mostly talked about of the early 2000s in a love story taken place in the throes of war between Islam…

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