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The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories

The Bookly Purple

Women’s problems have been recognized through the ages, and will continue to be so. They’re perpetual things that are impossible to resolve by means of any ideas, any politics, nor any regulations as long as women exist. Even as the world changes, so do its various societies and cultures and thoughts, women remain the most problematic sex of the two. Women’s problems will never cease to roll out because they get along with personal subjectivity, depending on how people of each society see a woman as a human being. They are numerous, diverse, complicated, insolvable for there never seems to be any satisfying solution. And some of them are crammed into a collection of short stories written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. I cannot say that The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories, the title published by Dover in 1997, is able to contain all of the problems suffered by women…

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