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Therese Raquin

The Bookly Purple

Indonesian edition’s cover

Some classics are not meant to be a fairy tale. They tend to be true to life, describing the wave of a society and the mold of its people, the social problems, the discourse, and the ugly truth. They choose not to follow the usual path. And Therese Raquin, a painfully breathtaking classic work written by Émile Zola, is definitely one of them. Here, Zola chooses to picture the truth about people, the truth that is so hard to swallow. Set in the 19th century’s France, Therese Raquin tells a bitter story of a woman whose life is constricted by the general rules of the society and whose rebellion against it result in her being the guilty party. Readers may look at her with disgust, but Zola is merely revealing the weaknesses of human beings which in turn reshape themselves into the darkest sides people generally…

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