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Wuthering Heights

The Bookly Purple

Indonesian edition’s cover

Wuthering Heights is a place where rage, love, jealousy, revenge, pride and a petty yet deciding misunderstanding blend into the dark atmosphere of romanticism which takes form and then blankets a miserably beautiful story of two people and a family. Written in 1847, this only work of Emily Brontë displays vividly the worst side any human being could have. It’s one of classic literary works that deserves compliments for its well woven narrative, disgracefully human characters, and style of writing genuinely spiked with 19th century’s taste of Gothic. Every emotion, every description, is very well concocted and screaming mastery of storytelling.

The horrendous events taking place in Wuthering Heights, and the consequent fates that befall the people living in it, start when Mr. Earnshaw brings home with him a poor little orphan from Liverpool. Named Heathcliffe, serves as both his first and last name, the presence of the…

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