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The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

scarlet letterTitle: The Scarlet Letter

Writer: Nathaniel Hawthorne

Publisher: Penguin Popular Classics (1994, first published in 1850)

Pages: 224p

Borrowed from: Fanda

Hester Prynne has waited for two years for her husband to join her in New England settlement. The husband arrived just to find her wife with a small baby and a big scarlet letter A (for Adultery) worn on her breast as the punishment from the settlers for her sin.

Hester and her daughter Pearl were isolated from the neighborhood and lived through each other company only. Even though Hester had been pushed by everyone to tell who was the father of her daughter, Hester never revealed it. She insisted to keep the secret within her heart, to protect the man she loved. Her silence made the husband crazy with hatred and vengeance, and he started to plot some cruel revenge for the mysterious man.

Meanwhile, Hester and Pearl…

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